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The Aboriginal Apple War was an aberrant accident that shaped our avant-garde world. Erik Sass is accoutrement the contest of the war absolutely 100 years afterwards they happened. This is the 137th chapter in the series.

After the acute accommodation by Russia’s Tsar Nicholas II to acclimation accepted mobilization on July 30, the accord of Europe unraveled with beauteous speed. On the afternoon of July 31, Germany declared “imminent crisis of war” and delivered an claiming to Russia to arrest mobilization aural twelve hours. Back no acknowledgment was accustomed by the afternoon of August 1, Germany and France both mobilized aural annual of anniversary other, and Germany declared war on Russia at 7pm. That night German troops began application tiny, aloof Luxembourg as a conference to the aggression on Belgium and arctic France.

Now the focus of the ball confused to London, area the French implored their afraid British allies to accomplish their breezy allegation to advice avoid France, and the Germans aimlessly approved to actuate them not to by every agency at their disposal—including absolute lies.

To this day, one of the defining motifs of Apple War I is the huge crowds that aggregate to acclamation the beginning of the war. These (supposedly) ad-lib affectionate demonstrations were cited as affidavit that accustomed Europeans were acquisitive for war, and while government propagandists may acquire afterwards abstract the admeasurement and activity of these crowds, there’s no catechism that abounding bodies seemed to acceptable the war as a long-awaited absolution afterwards years of gradually ascent tension.

During the aboriginal anniversary of August, hundreds of bags of Germans—perhaps millions—filled accessible squares in cities and towns to apprehend admiral apprehend the announcement of war. On August 1, 50,000 aggregate in advanced of the Imperial Palace to apprehend Kaiser Wilhelm II’s speech:

This is a aphotic day and a atramentous hour for Germany. Envious bodies on every ancillary acquire affected us to a aloof defense. The brand is placed in our easily by force. I achievement that, if at the aftermost moment my efforts to accompany about an compassionate amid ourselves and our adversaries and to advance the accord do not succeed, we may, by the advice of God, so use our swords that back all is concluded we can alter them in their scabbards with honor. A war will ask from us astronomic sacrifices of men and of money, but we shall actualization our enemies what it agency to abet Germany. And now I acclaim you all to God. Go to church, kneel afore Him and adjure that He may sustain our adventurous army.


The afterward day in Munich, a adolescent Adolf Hitler abutting bags of added bodies in the Bavarian capital’s Odeonsplatz to apprehend war proclaimed from the balustrade of the Feldherrnhalle, a canonizing to war dead; the moment was captured by a photographer, Heinrich Hoffman, who afterwards amid Hitler in the photo (below; some historians adduce Hitler’s actualization in the photo was faked). Hitler recalled his acknowledgment to the annual of war: “Even today I am not abashed to say that, baffled by bitter enthusiasm, I fell bottomward on my knees and thanked Heaven from an overflowing affection for acceding me the acceptable affluence of actuality acceptable to alive at this time.” According to his own account, he volunteered for the Bavarian Army the abutting day.

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U.S. Holocaust Canonizing Museum

That aforementioned afternoon of August 2, a division of a actor Russians abounding Palace Square in St. Petersburg (below) to apprehend the Tsar’s official announcement of war adjoin Germany and austere vow that he would “never accomplish accord so continued as one of the adversary is on the clay of the fatherland,” repeating a byword aboriginal acclimated by Tsar Alexander I during the war adjoin Napoleon. Russian aloof expeditions were already affronted with German patrols in East Prussia.


The cast ancillary of affectionate animation was nationalist hatred, as affronted mobs attacked “foreigners” (not consistently from an adversary nation), vandalizing, annexation and afire their homes and businesses. Charles Inman Barnard, the Paris contributor of The New York Tribune, declared anti-German riots on the black of August 2: “A German shoemaker who attempted to allegation abstract prices for boots had his windows burst and his banal looted by an affronted crowd. The annual that the German shops were actuality attacked anon spread, and youths aggregate in bands, activity from one boutique to the added and accident them in the advance of a few moments.” The afterward day Barnard witnessed the annexation of the Maggi milk shops, which were in actuality Swiss-owned, and Neil Hopkins, addition American active in Paris, recalled: “The annual of the accident of German and Austrian shops advance like wild-fire over Paris and it was agreeable to see the afterward day, array of shops bankrupt which did not buck actual authentic French names, labeled ‘Maison Francais’ to assure them from mob violence.”

The war additionally gave acceleration to a aberration for linguistic “purity,” which meant ablution adversary words from accustomed language. Piete Kuhr, a 12-year-old German babe active in East Prussia, recorded in her account access for August 3, 1914: “At academy the agents say it is our affectionate assignment to stop application adopted words. I didn’t apperceive what that meant at first, but now I see it – you charge no best say ‘Adieu’ because that is French. I charge now alarm Mama ‘Mutter.’”

But the “spirit of August 1914” was hardly universal, whatever some post-war memoirists ability claim. Alive chic Europeans, anticipation that they would buck the burden of the fighting, were abundant beneath agog about the war than their average chic counterparts. In actuality about 750,000 Germans had alternate in anti-war demonstrations above the country in the anniversary afore war was declared. On the added side, on August 2 the British Labour Affair organized anti-war protests in London’s Trafalgar Square, and the French left-wing baton Jean Jaurès was assassinated on July 31 for giving articulation to anti-war angle aggregate by abounding of his constituents.

However irenic sentiments were anon pushed abreast by the alluring advance of events, and in every aggressive nation the socialists voted to abutment the war (usually to their abiding regret).

Following their abnegation to abide aloof in a war amid Germany and Russia, French leaders knew it was abandoned a amount of time afore Germany declared war on France too. Now it was all-important to get Britain to booty their side, as promised (informally) in aggressive agents talks and hardly beneath cryptic Anglo-French Argosy Convention. But abounding associates of the British chiffonier were blind of these abstruse agreements and understandably afraid to embroil Britain in a adverse continental war.

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On audition chat of the German aggression of aloof Luxembourg, whose neutrality was agreed in the Accord of London of 1867, the French agent to London, Paul Cambon, asked Adopted Secretary Edward Grey whether Britain would fight. About Grey acicular out that, clashing the 1838 accord guaranteeing Belgian neutrality, the 1867 accord didn’t technically bind Britain to booty aggressive activity to assure to Luxembourg’s neutrality, if the added Great Powers weren’t additionally intervening. Cambon could almost accommodate his acrimony at this glace reasoning, according to H. Wickham Steed, the adopted editor of The Times, who recalled, “he acicular to a archetype of the Luxemburg Treaty… and exclaimed bitterly: ‘There is the signature of England… I do not apperceive whether this black the chat “honor” will not acquire to be addled out of the British vocabulary.’”

But Grey was abandoned apery the angle of the British cabinet; personally, he had staked aggregate on British intervention, aggressive to abandon if the chiffonier insisted on neutrality and alive with Aboriginal Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill to boom up abutment from the action Unionists. Unionist abutment gave Grey and Prime Minister Asquith acute political leverage, as they ability be able to anatomy a new affiliation government afterwards the anti-interventionists.

On August 2, Asquith went into the 11am chiffonier affair with a letter alliance Unionist support, and now the advance began to turn: although a scattering of ministers accommodated in protest, the blow of the chiffonier agreed to at atomic assure the French coffer from German argosy attacks, as promised in the argosy assemblage of 1912. However, the arch agency would be Germany’s abuse of Belgian neutrality.

On August 2, as German troops active Luxembourg, the German agent to Belgium, Below-Saleske, presented a agenda to the Belgian Adopted Minister, Davignon, absolute a flagrant, hypocritical lie followed by an insulting, base request:            

Reliable advice has been accustomed by the German Government… [which]… leaves no agnosticism as to the ambition of France to advance through Belgian area adjoin Germany. It is basic for the aegis of Germany that she should ahead any such adverse attack.  The German Government would, however, feel the centermost affliction if Belgium admired as an act of abhorrence adjoin herself the actuality that the measures of Germany’s opponents force Germany, for her own protection, to access Belgian territory… Germany has in appearance no act of abhorrence adjoin Belgium. In the accident of Belgium actuality able in the advancing war to advance an attitude of affable neutrality appear Germany, the German Government bind themselves, at the cessation of peace, to acceding the backing and ability of the Belgian Kingdom in full.

In added words, the Germans bogus a apocryphal French aggression (which they additionally peddled to the British, afterwards success) in acclimation to absolve their own aperture of Belgian neutrality—then asked the Belgians to aperture their longstanding affiance to the added Great Powers and cost their neutrality by giving German armament chargeless access to advance France. If Belgium didn’t address under, they warned of acute consequences, including a not-so-veiled blackmail adjoin Belgian ability (echoing arch of the accepted agents Moltke’s alarming admonishing to Baron Albert in November 1913):

Should Belgium argue the German troops, and in authentic should she bandy difficulties in the way of their advance by a attrition of the fortresses on the Meuse, or by antibacterial railways, roads, tunnels, or added agnate works, Germany will, to her regret, be accountable to accede Belgium as an enemy. In this event, Germany can undertake no obligations appear Belgium, but the closing acclimation of the relations amid the two States charge be larboard to the accommodation of arms.

At aboriginal glance Belgium had every acumen to abide to the German demand. Accustomed the admeasurement of the Belgian Army—which mustered 117,000 acreage troops in 1914, against a German aggression force of 750,000 – there was no achievement of ascent a acknowledged abiding resistance. Early accedence would additionally acquire absolved the lives and acreage of bags of civilians, not to acknowledgment the country’s cultural heritage. But Baron Albert acquainted accountable to accomplish Belgium’s actual affiance of neutrality—and, as a realist, was not aloof a little agnostic about German promises to restore Belgian independence.

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In any accident there was no agitation in the Belgian chiffonier about how to respond, according to the King’s aggressive adjutant, Lieutenant-General Émile Galet, who recounted: “Opinion was unanimous. The acknowledgment charge be no.” Alive backward into the night, the Belgian ministers drew up the official acknowledgment to the German ultimatum:

This agenda has fabricated a abysmal and aching consequence aloft the Belgian Government… Belgium has consistently been affectionate to her all-embracing obligations, she has agitated out her duties in a spirit of loyal impartiality, and she has larboard annihilation baffled to advance and accomplish account for her neutrality. The advance aloft her ability with which the German Government abuse her constitutes a arrant abuse of all-embracing law. No cardinal absorption justifies such a abuse of law. The Belgian Government, if they were to acquire the proposals submitted to them, would cede the annual of the nation and abandon their assignment appear Europe.

Putting his hopes in a accelerated accomplishment by French and British forces, Albert gave the acclimation to adapt the defenses at Liège, the breastwork circuitous attention Belgium’s bound with Germany, and larboard to accept claimed command of the Belgian Army – the abandoned arch of accompaniment to do so during the war—in the face of cutting odds.

The German claiming to Belgium galvanized British accessible assessment and swung the chiffonier actually appear the war party; causeless to say, no one was assertive by German claims that France had abandoned Belgian neutrality first. On the morning of August 3, Prime Minister Herbert Asquith met with two leaders of the action Unionists, Bonar Law and Lord Lansdowne, who agreed that the abuse of Belgian neutrality would force Britain to go to war. At the chiffonier affair that followed, several ministers withdrew their resignations of the antecedent day, advertence a absolute about-face in the political landscape.

At 3pm in the afternoon the House of Commons accumulated to apprehend a affecting accent by Grey, who appeared anemic and beat afterwards several canicule of agitated affairs and negotiations. Grey told the associates of Parliament:

It now appears from the annual I acquire accustomed to-day—which has appear absolutely recently, and I am not yet absolutely abiding how far it has accomplished me in an authentic anatomy – that an claiming has been accustomed to Belgium by Germany, the article of which was to action Belgium affable relations with Germany on action that she would facilitate the access of German troops through Belgium… If Belgium is accountable to abide to acquiesce her neutrality to be violated, of advance the bearings is clear… The abate States in that arena of Europe ask but one thing. Their one admiration is that they should be larboard abandoned and independent… if we were to say that all those things amount nothing, were as nothing, and to say we would angle aside, we should, I believe, cede our account and acceptable name and acceptability afore the world, and should not escape the best austere and grave bread-and-butter consequences.

Another choir of acclaim signaled ample acceding above affair lines, with best Liberals, Conservatives, and Labour associates now acknowledging British action (a irenic addition of the Labour Party, led by Ramsay MacDonald, still objected). Although there was no academic vote on war, this articulation poll austere the way for Grey’s abutting step: an claiming to Germany, ambitious that she stop the aggression of Belgium immediately. That night, as crowds abounding the streets about Buckingham Palace and the adopted appointment at Whitehall, Grey gazed out his window at a artisan lighting the artery lamps and abundantly said: “The lamps are activity out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit afresh in our lifetime.” 

At 8am on the morning of August 4, 1914, German troops above the Belgian borderland at Gemmenich, and that black the British agent to Berlin, Goschen, delivered the claiming to Adopted Secretary Gottlieb von Jagow, allegorical him that the German government had until midnight to accomplish a satisfactory response. Goschen abutting asked to accommodated with Chancellor Bethmann-Hollweg, who was about to absolute one of the best acclaimed (and infamous) phrases associated with the Great War:

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I activate the Chancellor actual agitated. His Excellency at already began a address that lasted about twenty minutes. He said that the footfall taken by His Majesty’s Government was abhorrent to a degree, aloof for the chat “neutrality,” a chat which in war-time has so generally been abandoned – aloof for a atom of paper, Great Britain was activity to accomplish war on a affiliated nation which adapted annihilation bigger to be accompany with her.

This antipathy for a “scrap of paper” would be cited as affidavit of the German government’s apathy for all all-embracing norms, authoritative it in avant-garde agreement a “rogue state,” above the anemic of civilization. Bethmann-Hollweg didn’t advice the German account with his own aboveboard acceptance in a accent to the Reichstag on August 4 that the aggression of Belgium was “a aperture of all-embracing law,” which was about unavoidable: “The wrong—I allege openly—the amiss we thereby accomplish we will try to accomplish acceptable as anon as our aggressive aims acquire been attained.”

At midnight on August 4, no German acknowledgment had been accustomed in London, and Britain was at war with Germany (top, crowds accumulate alfresco Buckingham Palace to acclamation the baron and queen). The British acknowledgment of war afraid and affronted the Germans, who accepted battle with France and Russia, their celebrated enemies, but not their “racial cousins” above the North Sea. In what was acceptable a accepted arena above Europe, on August 4 an affronted mob attacked the British admiral in Berlin, witnessed by Frederic William Wile, an American bi-weekly correspondent:

The Admiral was besieged by a shouting throng… I saw things hurtling appear the windows. From the blast of bottle that ensued, I knew they were hitting their mark. The battery added in violence. Back there would be a decidedly loud crash, it would be followed by a awful barrage of glee. Abounding women were amid the demonstrators. A army policeman or two could be apparent authoritative no actual active accomplishment to baffle with the riot.

Later that night, Wile was mistaken for a British “spy” and roughed up by a mob afore the badge arrested him – for his own safety, they explained, although they additionally strip-searched him. Americans in Europe were generally mistaken for British citizens during these days, which could be alarming in added means than one: an animated French army agitated Nevil Monroe Hopkins about on their amateur “with a chargeless carelessness, that about abashed me to death…”

Across Europe, and absolutely the world, massive changes were already across-the-board government and society. In aggressive and aloof countries alike, emergency decrees or legislation abeyant or bound coffer withdrawals and about-face of cardboard bill to  gold in acclimation to avoid banking panic, including Denmark on August 2, the Netherlands on August 3, Germany and Austria-Hungary on August 4, and Britain on August 6. Above the Atlantic the U.S. Congress voted to access the emergency funds accessible to banks to $1.1 billion—a extraordinary sum—while the New York Banal Exchange remained closed.

Elsewhere in the New World, Canada, a loyal Dominion of the British Empire, able to accord to the British war effort. The Canadian Royal Argosy Reserve and militia were alleged up, aggressive authorities took ascendancy of Montreal and Quebec, both key busline hubs for troops embarking for Britain, and adolescent men flocked to recruiting offices. One volunteer, Reginald Grant, declared the scene: “It was as if a baseball championship alternation were on; the army affably affected and awash as anniversary man struggled to get to the aperture and active up afore the allocation was full… In two hours I was in biscuit and in addition hour I had bade the association farewell…”

In Asia, Japan able to accompany the war in abutment of her British ally—but the absolute acumen was afterpiece to home, as the Japanese eyed German backing in the Far East including Jiazhou Bay (called Kiaochow Bay by the Germans) in China and island backing broadcast above the Pacific. Meanwhile the German Far East Fleet beneath Admiral von Spee sailed to arrest Allied aircraft in the Pacific, while in the western Mediterranean Admiral Souchon, advantageous the German battleships Goeben and Breslau, able to accomplish a adventuresome birr accomplished British and French fleets for Constantinople. In Africa, the cruiser Konigsberg larboard Dar es Salaam, the basic of the German antecedents of Tanganyika (today Tanzania) to arrest Allied aircraft in the Indian Ocean.

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Back in Europe, on August 4, German armament above the French bound at Mars-La-Tour, and the afterward day laid annoy to Liege, Belgium. One of the bloodiest phases of the Great War, the Battle of the Frontiers, was about to begin.

See the antecedent installment or all entries.

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